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When you are the one that needs training, not your dog...

Your dogs life is in your hands on every walk and it's your job to keep them safe. To do so, use proper fitting walking items to make sure your dog can't slip out or their harness or collar and get lost, injured or worse.

Every day dogs are lost while on a walk because they slipped out of their collar or harness and this is preventable! Safety is as easy as a $10 choke collar with whatever you already use to walk your there is no excuse, unless you are the one that is untrainable.

People expect a lot from their dogs behavior, but some people are not able to do a few easy steps to secure their dogs safety. Don't be untrainable when you dogs life depends on you to do the right thing! Watch the below videos to see how easy it is to use safety tools when out with your best friend on a walk.

Below is a video showing you how to use a back up safety tool if you walk your dog on a harness.

This video shows you how to use a safety back up in walking your dog on a flat collar...

The below video shows you a custom harness and a choke backup for safety...

These videos show simple steps that you can take to assure your pets safety. I recommend using a double lead, but if you don't use one the above options for safety are better than just using a harness or flat collar.

The two videos below show you how to use and fit a choke collar on your dog...

Here is a link to a short blog about how to properly fit a martingale collar (for safety) and where to buy them, choke collars and double leads via the link in the blog.

Taking your dog for a daily walk should be fun and enjoyable, not an accident waiting to happen, it's up to you to do the right thing to make sure your pet is safe.

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