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See Spot Stay uses patience, praise and positive reinforcement dog training that is gentle and effective. Our techniques are endorsed by the AHA, HSUS, SPCA, ASPCA, Guide Dogs for the Blind, numerous vets, and Schools of Veterinary Medicine.   Our master trainer has over 35 years experience and Jill has 18 years of hands on experience.

Humane Dog Training enhances the lifelong relationship between people and their pets by:

  • Eliciting and/or rewarding desired behaviors

  • Rarely using punishment (punishment is done with tones of the voice)

  • Never causing harm

Whether your dog needs obedience dog training or behavioral dog training, we can help. Our dog training packages are specifically designed for your unique situation. Dogs must have basic obedience training to address behavioral issues. Whether your dog currently has this knowledge or needs specific issues addressed, See Spot Stay will design a package to benefit your home, schedule, and your dog’s needs. Dog training plays an integral role in the relationships between dog, owner, and household members.

Training can be done in a variety of ways:

    * Bow Wow Boot Camp Dog Training at your home 
    * Private Dog Training at our Los Angeles area locations or at your home 
    * Training with owner involved and homework assigned
    * Dog Trainer trains your dog and then teaches you all that your pet has learned, our locations         or yours
    * Bow Wow Boot Camp Dog Training at our location in Pine Mountain Club, Valley Village or             North Hills

    * In certain situations FaceTime Sessions can be done 

Some dogs only need a session or two, so private dog training sessions are a great way to get the work done quickly.  What needs to be corrected and worked on will depend on if this option is the best route to for you and your dogs training needs.

All dog training packages require a contract. Dog training dates require a deposit to hold the reservation.  

Private Dog Training Session cancellations must be done 48 hours in advance or session fee is forfeited.

Prices are on our rates page.

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