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Bow Wow Boot Camp Dog Training is our most comprehensive dog training option!

Dog training camps are an excellent option for puppies, rescue dogs, young dogs, and dogs with leash aggression issues.


    * Sit (verbal and hand signal)
    * Heel/Loose Leash Walking
    * Halt/Stop and Auto Sit
    * Down (verbal and hand signal)
    * Stay (around distractions and distance)
    * Come/Recall (verbal and hand signal)

Any behavior modification is an extra charge and may require extra time.

Dogs that know some basic obedience and just need some fine tuning are eligible for a 3, 4 or 5 night camp, depending on what needs to be worked on will determine the length needed.

Dogs without behavior issues that just need obedience are enrolled in the 5-7 night camps, depending on how fast the dog learns.

Dogs with certain types or multiple behavior issues, may need a 7-10 + night camp.

The first option for a Bow Wow Boot Camp Dog Training:


Your dog lives with Dog Trainer, Jill Gasparac, in her home and they work together 24/7  for the duration of the camp.  Normally there is only one client dog in for training at a time, to give each dog all the one on one work he/she needs, sometimes if there are two dogs from the same home, then two dogs will come in together for training.  This is dog training camp is the best option for Bow Wow Boot Camp Dog Training.


The second option Bow Wow Boot Camp Dog Training:


The Dog Trainer comes to your home during a time that you are away.  It's dog training done while pet sitting.  Some people have to go out of town for business, wedding, or a vacation that the dogs not able to travel to with them.  This is the perfect time for your dog to get the needed dog training he/she needs, in the comfort of their own home.


The third option Bow Wow Boot Camp Dog Training:


The Dog Trainer comes to the clients home and does multiple dog training sessions in a row, depending on how fast the dog learns will determine how many sessions are needed, but normally 5-10 are required.  This option will involve homework for the parents to do each day.  


Our Dog Training methods are effective and safe. All dog training is done with patience, praise and positive reinforcement. Our dog training techniques are endorsed by the ASPCA, HSUS, AHA, SPCA, Guide Dogs for the Blind, numerous vets, and Schools of Veterinary Medicine.

We make dog training safe and fun!

Here is a little video of a Bow Wow Boot Camp Dog Training Client practicing their commands on a busy LA street corner...

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