We are your pet's best friend! 

Our walkers are experienced in practicing leash training on dogs that have just completed Bow Wow Boot Camp or other training programs.  Obedience trained walkers help reinforce your pets new skills by being consistent and sticking to a routine.  You dog doesn't need to be professionally trained for us to be your walker as some dogs walk great without formal training, but if your dog needs some help, let us know.  


Additional in home services such as giving pets fresh water, feeding, administering meds, watering plants, leaving lights on, taking in packages, yard clean up of pet waste, mail pick up and behavioral observation of your pet are also offered during our visits free of charge, just let us know what you need.

You can read about their walk in our daily log sheet or get GPS maps, potty updates, & photos via text.  However you prefer!

Private walks are our specialty, but can do group walks with friendly dogs in your neighborhood.  

Walking a dog that pulls or barks uncontrollably is no way to live...ask us for a few training sessions to get your dog walking like a pro!

We offer dog walking for our clients that need us Monday through Friday 5x+ a week or more, but currently have one opening for a client at 10am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We book walking monthly and clients prepay by the tenth of the month for the dates they need for that month.  We have group walks/rates for dogs that pass a temperament test in specific areas and times M-F.

Same day service is available for existing clients and same day schedule changes are available for an additional charge.


West Hollywood/certain areas of the Hollywood Hills/Miracle Mile/Fairfax District/Little Ethiopia and near surrounding areas. 


Please see the rates page for pricing.

We offer group walks for dogs that are friendly or already know each other.  Group walks are great for socialization, if you want your dog to participate in group walks, they need to pass a temperament test with the walking packs first to see what group is best suited for your pets temperament and speed.  

We have one spot open around 4pm in the Lexington/Vine area of Hollywood for a group walk.

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