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Special Offer: 
Dog walking M-F 5x a week monthly 

We have an opening for a new dog walking client around noon!

This is a very sought after time and the additional charge to have this time slot is being waived.  Client must be in the area between La Cienega and Hauser and Pico and Sunset.  Ask about your free week when joining our pack!

Special Offer:  $95 for 1 hour
Remote Training for New Pet Owners

Schedule a Remote Training/FaceTime Training call BEFORE you bring your new dog home! 

Make sure you are doing everything correctly when you bring your new dog home by hiring a trainer to help you make the right decisions with every step in your new pets care.  

Doing things correctly when you bring your new dog home can avoid costly training in the future.  

Hiring a professional BEFORE you bring your dog home (or the first days you bring your new dog home) can help you avoid paying a trainer later, to help undo all that was done incorrectly.  

Many people think they know how to raise a puppy or have had a dog in the past so assume they know what they are doing, and almost all of them are wrong!  If you are adding a puppy or an adult dog to your home, doing things correctly is crucial for you and your pet.  Let us help you make the transition of your new dog in your home go smoothly and be done the right way.


Let's work together to set you and your new best friend up for success!

Must say you saw this offer when you first contact to set a date/time for a session.  

Here is a testimonial from one of our recent Remote Training Clients:

“The remote session was so helpful for us about to bring home a new puppy and a perfect fit for what we needed. In the future, we will definitely use Jill for in-person sessions when they apply to our needs.”  Carrie, Mike, Charles Barkley




If you adopted your puppy or dog from a rescue group and want to give back to the rescue that saved him/her, let us know the name of the rescue group and their contact information and we will send them a donation in your name.

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