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October 2021

Barney's been doing great. He's so much better at going on walks now- it's actually enjoyable 😂...  He's been doing well with his commands for the most part- still struggling a bit with "come" when we want him to come back inside from the roof, etc. He's mostly potty trained now, just a few accidents in the past month. He's becoming the sweetest dog! And- not so timid at all anymore!


Thank you so much for everything!

Jess, Spence and Barney


We couldn't possibly have enough good things to say about Jill to do her justice. Scoobie was a rambunctious two year old rescue dog with lots of love but no idea what to do with it. At Jill's sage advice we sent Scoobie for intensive obedience training as soon as possible. After only a week (which Scoobie clearly loved) we got back the same loving dog who now knew and followed commands, didn't bark at everyone she saw on walks, and didn't try to charge at other dogs. She now walks tightly beside us on a slack leash, follows verbal and visual commands, yet still has 100% of her fun, loving, and energetic spirit. Jill clearly loves dogs. She is an advocate for rescues and adopted dogs. Our dog recognized that and responded amazingly. Hiring Jill for your pooch, regardless of background, will be the best decision you can make for them.~ Sam and Ned Beedie

First off, I want to say how happy and relieved I am to have found See Spot Stay. I found See Spot Stay after a bad experience with a different "reputable" dog walking service. 

And boy are my dogs crazy about their dog walker, Zeke! After our initial meeting I immediately felt confident that my two babies would be in good hands. For one thing, Zeke instantly bonded with my two dogs. He obviously loves dogs. Also, See Spot Stay keeps a walk log (in your home) that they fill out every time they come walk your dogs, listing exactly what time they came and what "business' your dog did that day. The previous dog walking service didn't do that. I had to just trust that they came by. Unfortunately I had to find out the hard way one day when my old dog walker obviously didn't show up. They didn't call me to let me know, or text me, nothing. I just found out when I got home and there was a mess by the back door and the leashes were in the exact same position I'd left them.  When I called the old dog walker to find out what happened, he said he'd lost my keys, they fell in the gutter and he couldn't get in. He made excuses as to why he didn't call me. (maybe his phone fell in the gutter? I was furious. I immediately started phoning around to find a new service.  That's where it got tricky. A lot of services are really big, and they can't guarantee less than 3-4 dog walkers. One place even wanted to put a lock box on the outside of my house so any dog walker could access my place.  Uhm, er, no I don't think so. One thing I really love about See Spot Stay is that it's been amazingly consistent with the same dog walker. 

I know sometimes other dog walkers will have to fill in due to vacation or sick days, but I don't think in the full year I've used See Spot Stay, I've ever had more than the one dog walker, Zeke. Zeke is absolutely the best!.  My two dogs clearly adore him. Sometimes we see Zeke in the neighborhood walking other dogs, and my two dogs go nuts, wanting to go say "hi" to Zeke.  He's also their overnight sitter when I go out of town. Other dog "owners"/parents know how nerve wracking that can be, but I finally feel confident and comfortable with their safety when I leave town.

Also, I must say, Jill has always been nothing short of professional and courteous in our dealings. Jill explained clearly that their service was set up for people/professionals who need daily walks while they are at work.  They aren't a big company that employs tons of people, so it works most efficiently with set monthly schedules.  That was actually perfect for my situation, and one of the selling points for me.  I didn't want a service that would have lots of different people walking my dogs. Jill also gives a little discount for walking services if your dog is a rescue! Yay! That in itself was a good sign. 

Thank you Jill, and big thank you Zeke for taking such good care of my babies!~Betty


The girls are going to be sooooo excited to see you!  They have so much fun when they stay with you.  

The girls mom

The girls were training clients and then pet sitting clients.

October 2020

Our brand-new puppy was driving us crazy – we couldn’t house train her and she was like a little maniac at home! I’m someone who always researches everything and this certainly applies to who I’d trust to train my new Shih Tzu puppy, Gigi. I looked at dozens of trainer’s websites and was immediately impressed with Jill. I knew I didn’t want anyone who would use harsh training methods (Gigi is a 3-month-old, 4-pound doggie!) but we needed someone who would get the job done. I knew we found the right person from our 1st conversation with Jill’s description of her methods and the importance she placed on tailoring her set-up to simulate our set-up along with a clear discussion of our goals for Gigi’s training.


We decided to go with the board and train option and we couldn’t be more pleased! Jill’s assistant picked up Gigi and Jill kept us updated on Gigi’s progress with photos, videos and emails. We could see how happy Gigi was with Jill and the other dogs and within a week she was basically house trained and no longer barking her head off! The best part was having Jill tell us what supplies we needed, sending us written instructions and lots of helpful information and then helping us set things up to ensure that we will be able to follow through on the progress Gigi had made with Jill.


All I can say is WOW! Gigi is now reliably house trained and is a calm and happy dog. My husband, ever the skeptic, was also amazed at how effective Jill’s training was and acknowledged the changes in Gigi.


Jill provided us with detailed written instructions on what we need to do to continue making progress. She checked in with us since Gigi’s been home and gave us great suggestion on some small issues that have come up.


I wholeheartedly recommend Jill and would encourage anyone whose dog needs training to contact Jill – you’ll be really happy with the results. Look no further, she’s the best there is! ~Jill and Al


I work with rescues and Jill has helped me with some behavioral issues when I get new fosters and going forward she does follow up sessions in person or FaceTime. I have had Zeke dog sit a few times and he is amazing! I wish I lived in the West Hollywood area to have him dog walk my dogs.


"We know that our dogs are in good hands while we are away."
Studio City

"I love staying with Jill - she is so hospitable and has a great yard. Now my little sister comes too. My parents know I am well taken care of". ~Quilly Joe Katz (Mom is Jennifer Katz)

Jill is amazing! Our little Ripley was very timid and scared, when Jill first met her. Within the first session, Ripley was already coming out of her shell and beginning to trust her surroundings more and more. She has been extremely responsive to Jill's positive and gentle, yet no non-sense training style, and we love how Jill makes sure we can teach the same techniques at home, in-between sessions. Seeing Ripley grow into a better behaving pup, each week, has been great!~Koral and Steven Michaels

Side Note:  Please remember to always get a 2nd or  3rd opinion when dealing with behavior issues.  This puppy was previously evaluated by a trainer that had over 30 years experience.  She was not able to get near the puppy and told the clients the dog had mental issues and that they should consider giving her back to the rescue or that training would take many months and costs thousands of dollars.

We only had to do 5 sessions for Ripley!

Finding See Spot Stay has been a huge blessing. We now know that Jack is getting the luxury treatment that we had been searching for. Jack is alway so happy when we return to pick him up from his adventures with Jill. What a calming feeling it is to know that we don't have to worry about his care when we're away. Jack loves Jill!!!~ Holly & Bruce 

November 2021

I have no idea where to begin on what to say about Jill and her gentle care for my sweet little dog, Bobo. When I got him, he was extremely timid and traumatized from the environment he came from. I had no idea how to help him or take proper care of him, and all I wanted was for him to grow more comfortable and happy in his new home with me, and thanks to Jill I was able to implement really helpful methods of training for him that improved both his confidence and his overall happiness. Since Jill has helped, he is now able to follow basic commands, but more importantly is growing more and more self-assured around people. She also really helped me come to realize how special his shy and gentle disposition is-I always had dogs that were super rambunctious & friendly before Bobo, so I was not at all used to such a quiet and calm personality. All he needed was love and patience, and he is truly thriving in his new home with us! I could not love him more, and am so grateful he (and Jill) came into my life!

Lily Beren




See Spot Stay isn’t just your ordinary “fly by night”  pet care service, the owner, Jill  is an accomplished LA trainer who uses positive reinforcement. I’ve had my dogs trained by her and in her  Bow Wow Boot Camp’s and Private Lessons. The results always improved  the communication between my dog and I. For that, I am so grateful! 

You can rest assured that your pets will be SAFE and cared for which is my first priority when finding a pet professional.  I need to know safety in waking with proper attire and attention is a priority at all times. 

I’ve used See Spot Stay for-over 15 years. I trust very few people to take care of my pets, especially when it comes to my special needs autistic chihuahua. Jill is very experienced with all types of dogs and Zeke probably never had a dog who didn’t love him. My dogs all adore him.


Tamra Rose

Rawlife Wellness


Jill is AWESOME!  We are so in love with our 3 dogs and super paranoid about who we let take care of them.  So, when we moved out of our previous dog walker's service area and we had to find someone new, we were nervous about being able to find someone who would take as good care of our kids as their previous walker.  Unfortunately, we had to go through some crappy walkers before we found Jill, but thank God we finally did.  Our 3 dogs can be a handful, but Jill is a true pro who knows how to be a good pack leader and deal with their individual personalities.  She genuinely cares about our kids and takes what she does seriously. She is also extremely safety conscious, which is something that is important to us living in the hills and walking 3 dogs on narrow windy streets with no sidewalks.  She cares about what is best for the dogs and pays attention to their needs.  Everything is always perfect when we get home and most importantly, the kids are happy.  We are so relieved we found Jill...I can't say enough good things about her!!!~Stacey

"As an ill rescue dog from the streets, Jorja has been rambunctious yet incredibly smart from the beginning. She was found healthy and 4 months young and was ready to learn! I decided obedience training would be great for a dog that did not understand that she would now have a permanent, loving human family. It was the best decision ever! Jorja is now AMAZING with listening to commands (especially hand signals), even when other dogs and distractions are around! She is even learning tricks now that she’s figured out the learning process! Jill, the trainer, was a pleasure to work with and is extremely patience with people and dogs! I am a huge fan and advocate of Bow Wow Boot Camp!! Whoever adopts Jorja is going to be one lucky family!!! Thank you, Jill from Jorja and me!!"~Kira

"Mr. Barker loves being babysat by his "aunt" Jill at See Spot Stay, I recommend their private care service to everyone that treats their pet as part of the family."
Debra Hamilton
Imperial Beach/Los Angeles

Jill, Dona, Lesley and the rest of the team are just amazing! They've been taking care of Luna, my pit-bull for quite some time and I couldn't be happier. They love our dogs like they were theirs. Extremely professional and great service. Much better than doggy day care. I highly recommend See Spot Stay for your beloved pet.~Alex

Seamus loved his training stay in Palm Springs. It is amazing everything he learned in such a short time.  He will be back for Babysitting/Day Care and Off Leash Training. ~Jill, Van Nuys.

Below are a few examples of what some clients had to say when booking their dog walks...

"Fantastic!  The ladies will be thrilled to see him.  They love Zeke!" Athena and Pumpkin's Mom.

"Great. Thanks!! Yes, an hour would be great. She may not want a long walk, but I'm sure she'll love the company."  Zoe's Mom.

"Lucy requested your tender loving walks ASAP!  She would be needing you, for 2 walks/day...She will be BEYOND excited!"  Lucy's Mom.

"We love you guys so much, I don't know what we would have done all these years without your help and experience with all the issues we have encountered with our senior girl." Shannon and Brian 

"Thank God we found you and Zeke!  When we found out what our last dog walker was doing, we were frantically looking for a replacement and gratefully came across your services." Bruno's Mom

We have been in the pet care business for 18 years and are bonded and insured.  We have numerous long time clients, return clients, celebrity clients,
and even clients that stay in our area when moving, so we can continue to care for their pets! 

Our clients are our family, and we look forward to adding you and your dog to the See Spot Stay pack.

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