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Not doing this with your dog could potentially get them killed

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Above video showing how to make sure your martingale collar is fit correctly so your dog can't slip out of it.

SAFETY FIRST! Hi! I just wanted to send out a little info on pet safety when it comes to the collar your pet is wearing. I always advise my clients to use a properly fit martingale collar or choke collar as their main walking devise or as a backup with the current item they are walking their dog with. I also suggest a double lead to be used for comfort if their dog is already walking on a harness. I can't stress enough the importance of having a proper fitting dog collar or a safety back up when you are out with your dog for a potty break, walk, hike, vet visit, groomer visit etc. Dogs are lost and killed everyday from slipping out of their collar or harness. It's so easy to prevent and keep your pet safe!

Below are three easy to use items that could save your pets life...

  1. Properly fit choke collar

  2. Properly fit martingale collar

  3. Double lead/5 in 1 lead/training lead

When buying a choke collar, make sure that the part that is connected to the leash is only 1.5-2 inches from the dogs neck when pulled taut. When buying a martingale collar, make sure that when you pull on the collar the ends do not meet, if they do the collar is too big. A double lead is a great way to walk your dog with a back up safety such as a choke collar or a martingale collar. It can be use with whatever item you are currently walking your dog on. Below is a photo of a properly fitting martingale collar (teal blue collar w/the chain) and a correctly sized choke collar (purple).

Remember: it's your job to make sure that your pet is always kept safe,

their life is depending on it!

Links to items mentioned:

This is a link to where you can buy a nylon choke collar for your pet to use as a backup/safety when walking.

This is a link to a martingale collar that you can purchase online for your pet.

This is a double lead that you can purchase to use with a properly fit martingale collar or choke collar as a backup for safety. Use this with your harness, easy walker, halti, prong, flat collar, or whatever you are currently walking your dog on.



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