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How to deal with a puppy that's chewing..

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Why is my puppy chewing on everything?

Chewing is a normal behavior for young dogs, they chew while they are teething and can continue to chew up until 1-2 years and sometimes more depending on the breed. Dogs will also can chew out of boredom and some just find it fun to shred beds or get the stuffing out of toys. They will also chew out of anxiety, if they find a shoe or clothing item that smells like you that's something that will end up in their mouth if you aren't careful.

Your job as a pet owner is to help solve this issue while your puppy is going through this chewing phase by:

  1. Management (keep things up and away, think baby proofing your home)

  2. Making sure you are meeting all the dogs needs: attention, social interaction, exercise, mental stimulation and diet.

  3. Can you teach him to leave it/drop it/give it? Turn it into a game of bringing you things. "Thank you"….when they pick something up and bring it to you. The reinforcement history for doing the good behavior (leave it/drop it/give it) has to outweigh his desire to do the bad behavior (chew it, hide it, keep away game with it) so use high value rewards while teaching him the behavior you want him to exhibit.

  4. More exercise is always a good idea. Both physical and mental. A tired dog is a good dog. Do your best to take time in the day to wear your dog out. Playing catch, walking, hiking (depending on the pups age) and working on obedience commands are all excellent ways to tire your pup out.

  5. Giving your dog appropriate items to chew on is necessary so they don't go searching for something. Chewing feels good on their teeth and helps clean them, but also helps them relieve stress and anxiety and is a great way for them to tire themselves out.

Chewing toys: Kong, Wobbler, lick mat, bully in holder, red barn bone, raw meat bones from butcher and interactive toys to find the treat are all good ways to make your pup focus on what he's allowed to chew on. Make sure you monitor them when they have these items to make sure they can't chew off a piece and swallow it.

Bully sticks are a great way for your dog to exercise their jaws/teeth and wear themselves out in the process. I use bully sticks when I need them to be quiet when I'm working or if we are out in a public place for lunch and need them to stay occupied with chewing while laying at my feet or under the table.

Below are some options for Chew toys...

My dogs like these...


(Best for aggressive chewers)




Get a large and small to create a puzzle toy

I also like this type of toy or puzzles to keep them busy...

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