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Dog Walking Trends...are they safe?

What makes a professional dog walker?

(See Spot Stay's info included in italicized)

  • They are dedicated to the job, i.e. not just looking to make a few dollars ‘in between jobs’.  This is our full time career!

  • They are reliable, and guarantee their ongoing availability.  We walk dogs 24/7, 365 days a year!

  • They are caring, affectionate and patient with animals.  We specialize in "tough or difficult" dogs due to trauma, health etc. The owner of See Spot Stay runs a dog rescue, so we have extensive experience in working with many different breeds and temperaments.

  • They are properly trained and do they have extensive experience.  The owner of See Spot Stay is a dog trainer and all the walkers are professionally trained, not "certified" like these corporate business are trying to sell customers on.  Their "certification" is an online test, we have taken their test to see what they require and it's frightening that they are selling this as a safety feature of their business.

  • They have an intimate understanding of dog behavior and body language.  We work with all types of personalities and have been hired by clients that had to fire the "trendy/uber" walkers due to their inability to work with the clients pet.

  • They react well in potentially dangerous situations.  All walkers are trained to be in the mind set that the worst case scenario could happen and are prepared for it before it happens.  

  • They have safety measures in place to ensure that dogs cannot get away from them outside.  We have been one of the only companies in LA that has been using the most effective safety measures with our client's dogs.  We have NEVER lost a dog, unfortunately a majority of the lost dogs are done by dog business employees, be it walkers or transport people.  

  • They take an active interest in the dogs they walk.  We know our clients dog like they are our own, and we are aware of any slight changes in their behavior that needs to be addressed.

  • They are looking to bond with the dogs they walk on a long term basis.  We have clients for the life of the dog.  So many of our clients dogs have passed due to illness or old age and we have been with them every step of the way to help in anyway we can. Our clients dogs are like our own personal dogs, we love them and cherish them.

  • They are honest in communicating problems and issues with dogs to their owners.  Absolutely is one of our many important responsibilities when we are caring for a clients dog.

  • They conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible manner in the client’s apartments.  A majority of our clients are high end, professionals or celebrities that have security cameras throughout their property, we treat every clients home like we are being watched via their security cameras, whether they have them or not.  

Quality over Quantity is our motto, ask our clients and they will tell you they wouldn't have it any other way!

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