Do you know anything at all?

...about what is in your pets food?

Back in the day, I used to buy Iams and it was considered a good if not premium pet food. In 1999 I found out it was sold to Procter & Gamble. Thankfully I knew enough about big business buy outs to stop buying that brand of food and I started looking for a new brand to feed my dog. Iams (and Eukanuba) are now owned by Mars, you know they really care about your pets health over profits...right? :(

Throughout the years of running a dog rescue and working with dogs full time, I have continued to do research on pet food in the hopes to find products that are nutritious and possibly preventive of the big three, that I see so many dogs die from...cancer, kidney/liver failure, and heart disease. In the beginning my rule of thumb was if the first 5 ingredients are things I would eat, as long as it didn't have corn, white rice, white potatoes, pea protein, or beet pulp listed (all fillers) , it was a decent food.

For years I continued to change from one kibble to another in search of the best quality for the best price, usually buying the most expensive kibbles out there. Talking to vets was interesting...many promoted brands that had the worst ingredients! For example, many breeders and vets have recommended this below brand...the first 5 ingredients are in red ...would you only eat them, every day, for your entire life and think you are getting a balanced, healthy diet? I would hope not. Filler, filler, by product, fat, meal. Ugh.

Purina puppy chow: