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Hi! I’m Jill,  

owner and trainer of 

See Spot Stay a

dog training & walking company based in

West Hollywood and

Pine Mountain Club, Ca

Gradient Ocean


Pets  have always been an important part of my life and I'm so grateful to have my passion for helping them become my career. I received my Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing from Long Beach State and studied animal behavior and training under Master Dog Trainer Steve Morrissey.


For years I ran a nonprofit, Animals, People, and Environment Action, which focused on animal rescue.   Doing so allowed me to save, rehab and adopt out 100's of dogs. This, along with my training for other local LA rescues, has given me invaluable hands on work with a multitude of breeds and temperaments. 

I believe that you must earn the dogs trust to then be able to communicate with them and teach them.  No harsh training methods are used, I train with tones, and training needs to be fun for the dog!  It's the most rewarding experience to watch a dog understand, learn, and have fun during the training process.  

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Private walks are our specialty, but can do group walks with friendly dogs in your neighborhood.

WE ARE CURRENTLY SERVING:  West Hollywood, Miracle Mile, and certain areas of Hollywood Hills. 

30 min: $27.00| 45 min-$32

60 min: $40.00

Training packages are specifically designed for your unique situation. Dogs must have basic obedience training to address behavioral issues. Whether your dog currently has this knowledge or needs specific issues addressed, See Spot Stay will design a package to benefit your home, schedule, and your dog’s needs. Training plays an integral role in the relationships between dog, owner, and all household members.

5 nights: $1,800| 7 nights: $2,500

Private training sessions can be done at trainers location or clients home.  An evaluation is done to determine a training plan that will be worked on.  Sessions require the owner to do homework between sessions and are set up to maximise the training in the quickest amount of time possible. 

60-90 min evaluation:  $150  

60 min: session $125+ each







323 - 3 zero 1- 6516

contact "at" see-spot-stay.com

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